Zubehör für Servoventile von Schneider Servohydraulics GmbH


Are you looking for the right accessory?

Specific accessories for servovalves, such as connecting and flushing plates, as well as various multipolar plugs for electrohydraulic and pneumatic control technology.

Digital controllers

Digital electrohydraulic multi-axis controllers

  • HE 302: Controller with digital signal processor (DSP controller)
  • PID controller HE 303: Programmable via RS 232
  • PID controller HE 304: Eurocard with LEDs and measuring points

Data sheet HE 302       Data sheet HE 303      Data sheet HE 304

Signal converter

  • Box chopper amplifier BOE: Interface between PC or CNC controllers
  • Bipolar box amplifier BOE 002: Current amplifier with fast and precise linear amplifier
  • OnBoard electronics for external mounting
Data sheet

Connecting plates

Various connecting plates with standardized and special drill mounting patterns for the electrohydraulic and electropneumatic servo valves

  • HZ 02 for HVM 025/055
  • HZ 050 for NG 6 / CETOP 033
  • HZ 036 for NG 10 / CETOP 05
Customized versions on request.

Flushing plates

Flushing plates for the electrohydraulic servo valves

  • HZ 028 0A for HVM 025/055
  • HZ 028 2A for HVM 025/055
  • HZ 039 for HVM 026/056
  • HZ for HVM 106
  • HZ for NG 6
  • HZ for NG 10
Customized versions on request

Connecting plugs

Connecting plugs for servo valves with/without electronics or torque motor in numerous variants

  • 3-pin socket, straight/angled
  • 4-pin socket, straight/angled
  • 6-pin socket, straight
  • 7-pin socket, straight/angled
Customized versions on request