Hydraulische Achsen von Schneider-Servohydraulik GmbH

Hydraulic axes

Schneider Servohydraulics provides ready-to-connect hydraulic axes according to customer specifications and on-board intelligence with components from our product range:

  • Servo valves NG 6 and NG 10 with and without integrated electronics
  • Fast digital controllers
  • Cylinders with displacement transducer

Modular conception

In order to cover a wide field of application areas, the hydraulic axis from Schneider Servohydraulics has been designed on a modular basis

It consists of a smooth-running, double-action cylinder with integrated position-measuring system, the mounted servo valve and a digital controller positioned optionally on the axis or in the switch cabinet.

By selecting the corresponding variants in terms of seals, piston rod surfaces and materials, the hydro-cylinder can be adapted optimally to the prevailing operating and application conditions.

To assemble a corresponding servo valve the cylinders are equipped with a valve connecting plate, mounting pattern NG 6 or NG 10 acc. to DIN ISO 4401.

Various manufacturers, measuring methods and accuracy levels are optionally available for the integrated position-measuring system, which is shielded against mechanical damage from the outside by a protective pipe.

Dynamic characteristics, system resolution, linearity deviation and reproducibility of the entire system vary according to the selection of the individual components.

In addition to standard cylinders in accordance to DIN ISO 6020/1, Schneider Servohydraulics is able to provide you with hydro-cylinders according to your specific pressure ranges.

SERVOMOTION of Schneider Servohydraulics

Servo control parts for low pressure hydraulics

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